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Nov, 2017

Nominations being accepted for MRH Youth Sports Board Member

MRH Youth Sports Families –


It takes volunteers at all levels and of varying talents to run a youth sports organization of the complexity and magnitude that MRH Youth Sports has become.  It also takes a steady influx of new volunteers to fill our Board of Directors.  As our children grow up and move on to high school sports or other activities, so do the parents that serve on the Board.


As some of our long-time Board members prepare for “retirement” and we work through their succession planning, we believe it’s a perfect opportunity to reach out to the MRH Youth Sports families for nominations to the Board.  We’d like to know who YOU feel would be good additions to the MRH Youth Sports Board.  Board members are responsible for keeping the MRHYS machine moving forward and juggling a lot of responsibility.  There are registration events to manage, financials to control, disputes to mediate and an endless negotiation for practice space and game schedules.  Yes, it’s every bit as glamourous and challenging as it sounds, but it is also one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities I’ve had the honor to fill.


Consistency is important to maintaining a strong organization so we ask Board members to commit to two-year terms.  Most of our members serve much longer than that, but for the strength of the organization we are asking nominees to commit to two years initially.  Traditionally, we try to keep at least seven active Board members, although our Charter leaves us some flexibility that we may utilize to make for a smoother transitional period.


We will be accepting nominations for Board members from now until November 24th.  We will then contact nominees to attend a meeting in December for additional discussion around the roles and responsibilities of Board members.  Board members will be selected based on an interview process and voted on by the current Board members.  We currently have six active Board members and one vacant seat.  However, there are two Board members retiring within the next year so we will be making selections based on both short and longer-term needs.  This is where the flexibility mentioned above would allow us to phase in additional members sooner (before the current members retire) and allow adequate time for knowledge transfer and training of new members.


If you have any questions or would like to nominate someone for a position on the Board, please do so via a response to this email or send a direct message to [email protected].  Nominations should include the name of the individual you are nominating, their contact information and a short note regarding why you think they would make a great Board member.  And because I know you are dying to ask – Yes, you can nominate yourself.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Tonya Powell, President

MRH Youth Sports