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Fall 2021 practice schedule
Clayton League rules
Clayton League field locations (there are maps in the "download" sections, highly recommended to review and make note for teams--it's a 10-15 minute walk from one end of the park to the other.)
Clayton League Coaches Meeting August 2021 Slideshow
St. Luke's Schedule
St. Luke's Rules

US Youth Soccer Coaching Resources (VERY detailed resources)
Youth Soccer Lesson Plans
How To Write A Training Plan
US Youth Soccer Development Plan

World Class Coaching
 (lots of pay options here, but there is a free section on the left-hand side)
Soccer Coach Weekly (Some very good options for all ages)
Mojo Soccer (has app with detailed soccer plans)
Player Development Project

General Coaching Resources
Positive Coaching Handout from Dr. Brady's presentation at the fall 2019 meeting.  If you liked what Dr. Brady had to say and you want ideas on how to implement it, Positive Coaching Alliance is an organization whose goal is to help coaches create a positive culture around their team - coach, players, parents.  Some of the stuff is paid but a lot of it is free.  It is WORK to make this happen; it won't happen by itself.

2018 Soccer-Specific Resources
Preschool-K Soccer Manual - Games and activities to introduce young players to soccer
1st-2nd Soccer Manual - Ideas for practice structure and points of emphasis to start practicing for "real games".  1v0, 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 activities.

Clayton League Site (includes rules, maps, and schedule)