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MRH Youth Sports


There were 20 responses to the 2018 Winter sports survey. 

Coach-specific feedback will be shared with the coaches.

Other than that...
There were 3 comments about the registration process - 2 people didn't like it and a third said it was easy.  The website isn't perfect, but it's much less expensive than other sites for what it does.  If there are specific things or suggestions that could make the process easier, we'd love to hear them; please let us know.

There was one complaint about cost.  The registration fee covers league fees and gym rental fees (especially for basketball, we sometimes need to rent gym space from places other than the school so that all teams have a place to practice).  We try to spread that cost over all teams, as opposed to making a team bear the brunt of their practice time by themselves.  It is our policy that a child will never be turned away for inability to pay and we do have reduced fee options; please contact us at [email protected] if you need more information.